QDeck Safety Decking System

Work at height safely with the easiest, most cost–effective safety decking system on the market today

Blue QDeck safety decking panel

QDECK is our brand new, cost-effective, lightweight safety decking system which provides an exceptionally safe platform for operatives working at height.

The Ultimate Safety Protection

Its unique design and manufacture exceed the current safety regulations and standards laid down by the UK Health & Safety Executive. The system has undergone stringent testing at all stages from design to manufacture. QDeck has been tested in accordance with BS EN12811-1:2003 and ACR (M) 001: 2005 British Industry Standards.

The platform can be loaded to a maximum of 2.00kN/m². It has a profiled non-slip surface for improved grip and its bright blue colour is highly visible.

Scaffolding pass-through

QDeck injection moulded panels allow a standard scaffold to be constructed through it while still in place, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity.

man installing QDeck safety decking
blue Q deck fall safety system

QDeck Benefits

  • Basic components, comprising of panel, leg and universal head/foot
  • Dual locking pin safety feature, which can be viewed from above to show the system is locked correctly
  • Can receive party wall scaffolds while still in situ saving time and costs
  • Non-slip surface profile
  • Quicker to erect than a traditional birdcage scaffold with easy assembly up to 100m² per hour
  • Takes up less storage space on site.

Product Specifications

The QDeck Safety Decking System comprises of the following components:

Decking Panels

  • Full Deck Panel – 1.0m x 1.0m Weight 9.6kg
  • Intermediate Panel – 1.0m x 0.75m Weight 8.5kg

Support Framework

  • Support Legs (Universal and extrusion moulded) – 65mm x 65mm x 1.8m or 2.0m. Weight 1.35kg
  • Universal Head/Base Plates – 210mm x 210mm. Weight 0.5kg. Manufactured from moulded plastic secured to top and base of legs, complete with cutaway slots for the corner attachment of four adjacent deck panels.


  • Restraint Pins – For the secure attachment of panels to the head plates on top of the legs and adjacent panels.
  • Cam straps – For restraint and attachment of bridging deck panels for make-up bays to suit distance between perimeter walls and irregular shaped voids. Cam straps are also used to allow the system to be secured against four walls offering stability to the erected system.

QDeck Safety Systems

QDeck Safety Systems offer total fall safe solutions for working at heights. We manufacture, distribute and install fall safety solutions in the UK. Our fall prevention platforms are suitable for the building, construction and maintenance industries. The company has been built out of a love of all things construction. We know that safety in the workplace is paramount.

We offer a complete hire and installation service for the QDeck safety decking system and can install at any suitably prepared site. Once construction is complete we can dismantle and collect from site.

We offer comprehensive training in the safe handling, erection, inspection and dismantling of QDeck. This training is required should you wish to be able do this yourself.

QDeck blue safety decking panel