Qdeck Employees Certified To The Highest Standards.

employee safety training qualification           QDeck employee getting safety training qualification

Here at QDeck we believe in giving our team the highest quality of safety training there is. Each employee is put through intense three-month probation while they conduct their safety training. This is to ensure each team member is equipped to demonstrate basic day to day running. They must also show that they can apply this to more challenging work. It covers every aspect of our business, from customer service, paperwork, building strong working relationships with clients right down to vehicle maintenance. We believe the process is equally as important as the safety decking product we deliver.

Employee installing QDeck safety panel QDeck team installing Q deck safety decking

Andi Tillett, QDeck Contracts Manager, said: ‘It’s important we use the first three months to train the operatives. We need to be able to send our teams out to install our safety decking on jobs of all various shapes and sizes with a variety of challenges. It’s important that the team can work together safely to get the job done quickly and to a high standard”.

We are proud to be able to offer this to our team. We’re looking forward to sharing QDeck’s future success stories with you.

Well done to the lads who completed their employee safety training this month!

blue Q deck safety decking on construction site