QDeck Safety Decking System strong enough to hold a Rhino.

QDeck scaffolding supporting Leeds Rhinos rugby players

QDeck are delighted to have the opportunity to work with two of the Leeds Rhinos rugby players on its newest ad campaign. Together, QDeck and the rugby players showcase their endorsements for the new safety decking system.

Words from Ryan Hall

Ryan Hall is the Director of QDeck and ex Leeds Rhino and International Rugby star. He was keen to get the lads involved in his new business venture. Ryan said, ‘It’s a complete career change! But, it’s a natural progression that all rugby league players have to do… you have got to think of life after play. The construction industry is booming so that’s why I’ve invested’.

When asked about the new boards, Ryan said: ‘The new boards developed by the team at QDeck are made by deckers for deckers. It’s down to that very reason that we’ve been able to take a hands-on approach. This has enabled us to make a fantastic board’.

Brad Dwyer and Liam Sutcliffe visited the Miller site at Bramhope in Leeds to test the strength of the boards and see what their ex-teammate had been getting up to outside of Rugby. Brad even likes to do some handy work himself outside of the sport: ‘I’m adding an extension onto my house, I’ve even got an Instagram page for it.’

Two years in the making, the new safety decking system is finally on the market. It is market leading in its durability and strength. But, it is also lightweight and easy to install, whilst keeping staff members safe on site.

Words from Billy Kershaw

Billy Kershaw is Director at QDeck and Owner of K&K brickwork. He said: ‘We’re dead proud of the system we’ve made. I’ve worked in the construction industry for 27 years so I knew what it needed. It’s taken a long time to get it right but we finally have a product that ticks all the boxes from strength to durability. The fact that it keeps the lads safe on site is a must for me.’

When asked what it’s like to work with an international rugby star, Billy said: ‘it’s great I’ve known Ryan a long time. He’s a top lad! We don’t give him any special treatment he mucks in with the lads like we all do. I’ve played myself back in the day and I’m a big rugby league fan. So, getting the rugby lads involved with endorsements is a real boost for QDeck’.

The new safety decking system is a key player for tradesmen within the construction industry. We can also manufacture our decking panels in a colour of choice to suit other brand’s identities.